Disciplines are supernatural powers granted by the Embrace. Vampires cultivate these powers and bring them to bear against foes and prey. Fueled by blood and will, disciplines provide an incomparable, mystical edge and are the hallmarks of a vampire’s clan or bloodline.

By using her disciplines, a vampire can exert the strength of a dozen humans; trick an enemy into submission; force her way into someone else’s mind; take the shape of a wolf, bat, or hideous monstrosity — or numerous other things. A recently Embraced vampire might have only a few such powers at her command, while an ancient may have mastered a fearsome breadth of potent feats. Elders can learn awesome powers, fueled by the potency of their blood. Neonates and Ancillae use the flexibility of their thinner blood to combine two or more disciplines and create new techniques that are a mélange of powers.

Each vampiric clan possesses innate powers of the blood: disciplines that are native to that clan. A vampire can learn those powers easily through experimentation and personal study; this process requires you to spend 1 downtime action between game sessions. Learning other clans’ disciplines is more difficult; it requires having a knowledgeable teacher and drinking blood from a vampire who innately possesses those disciplines. As drinking blood causes a vampire to become partially bound to the donor, learning disciplines from another vampire requires a great deal of trust.

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